Tuesday, August 26, 2014



Hello everyone, there have been tons of changes in the mission this transfer. We just received calls this past weekend, and I'm so excited for what the Lord has revealed to us through our mission president. I will be staying in my area as the senior companion/district leader, and I will be training a new missionary. My compie, Elder Curay, will be going to my last area in San Francisco! The sisters in my district, including Hermana De Aquino, will be staying. She finishes her mission this coming November. Our Zone Leaders are also in our district, and one of them was chosen to be the new assistant to the President. He was actually my "grandpa" in the mission, so I was so excited for him. We will be receiving a newly called zone leader to replace him this transfer. And guess who it is?! Its going to be Elder Yellowhorse! He trained me while I was in San Francisco. Crazy right?! Well I'm super excited for this transfer and all the added responsibilities I will receive from training. Just want to share one quick experience from this week. I love, mom, how you shared how well your simple lessons are going at church. I was in a trio this week with all the changes in our district, and we had to coordinate working between two areas. So because of this we had to also teach very simply and powerfully. I learned that the Spirit doesn't need fancy words or even long sentences to be able to touch the hearts of others. We had one lesson in which we shared a scripture and we each took turns testifying of what we knew was true. We felt the Spirit and so did the Hermano we were visiting. I love how simple the Gospel can be. I hope we can all come to understand this more fully. I am so sad that in two more transfers, I will hit my year mark. I can't believe how fast it is going. That's the update this week. Everyone stay safe! Love you!

Elder Mora

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