Monday, July 7, 2014


Yes you all would be jealous of the weather over here. It's perfect.haha Is dad still going to measure a job out here? Everyday I still feel cold because the wind never stops! Its super nice though because other parts of the mission are pretty hot. I'm lucky to still be in San Fran.

Ayy Sebastian! That is funny he is getting so much work done on his teeth and that he keeps hurting himself.haha I hope you took a video of him after the surgery. And I guess I hope he feels better too. I also got your package this week. I think it is my favorite one yet. I loved all the pictures of the house, my flowers, la casita, the mining camp, and the family. Already some of the cousins look so different. Jysele looks way different and Ammon too. I think my favorite pictures were of Chico. I miss him a lot.haha I was really excited to use those popper things, but it turns out they are registered fireworks so I can't use them:( I will give them to one of the little kids in the ward I think. 

Well this is the last week and a half of the transfer! I have been having a great time with Elder Rodriguez. He has been a huge example and help to me these past few weeks. He has been teaching me tons of Spanish, and how to talk Argentino (castillano).ha I have developed a taste for "mate" also. I don't know if any of you have heard of it, but I guess everyone in Argentina drinks it and in Chile also. Its pretty bitter at first, but now I like it.ha I'll send some pictures of us drinking some mate. Hopefully they leave us together here in San Francisco the next transfer!

The World Cup has been a huge annoyance here for us.ha It is crazy how many latinos there are here from all over central and south america. Our lessons have been taking a hit because people are too busy watching los partidos instead of meeting with us.ha But things are still good. WOoooo! Viva Mexico! I heard they won today.ha We have an Elder in my district from El Distrito Federal and he was screaming when he heard they won.haha I'll send some pictures of my comp next week.

Gracias todos y que tengan una buena semana!

Elder Mora, 
p.s those cds saved my life...thank you

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