Monday, June 16, 2014




     Ok so this is the experience from this past week that I want to share: This past Tuesday we had a very cool experience with making and keeping plans. In the morning after our usual studies I make the comment to Elder Rodriquez," We aren't going to use the buses today. We're going to walk all day!" He agreed and thought it would be a good idea. The past few weeks the muni bus drivers have been on strike, so it has been really effecting our proselyting. So we made some plans to visit some less active members and some former investigators. So we started off visiting houses and walking "with purpose" and only had one person answer the door (and it was the wrong person). It was after walking up and down a couple hills, and I said to Elder Rodriguez, " Maybe we can take the bus to the next house." I was already tired, but he told me, " No Elder Mora, you said we were going to walk all day." I reluctantly agreed with him and we walked the 6 blocks to the next house. After about another hour of contacting, we were walking back towards our house, when a woman walking towards us stopped and asked us where our church was located. She was super happy that she finally found us on her way to going to the store. She is from Ecuador and has a brother who is a member in Ecuador. He has been telling her that she needs to take her son and go to a LDS church in San Francisco. She told him that she has never seen "aquellos jovenes con camisas blancas y corbatas". She told us that she had a feeling to walk that way to buy some fish, and she said that it meant a lot to her to find us that day. She told us she would go to church this Sunday and then start bringing her son. After talking to her for several minutes, Elder Rodriquez and I talked about the blessing it was to decide to not take the bus, and now we will have this awesome lady at church with us this Sunday. I know that when we make plans and present them to the Lord in prayer and follow them, He will put people in our path to share the gospel with. I love being a missionary! Love you all!

Elder Mora