Tuesday, May 20, 2014



  Wow I can't believe everything that is happening since I have been out barely 4 months! Its really good to hear all that is going good with the family.
Mom I know you know this, but I really am agrateful to have you as my mom. I know things have been tough with nana's passing, but always remember that I love you and I love nana too. I think that you talking with Tia Blanca and Tia Elsa is really good. Just keep smiling too! You know that you will see her again, so don't get down. I recently read a talk that I think would really help you out. It was in the Jan. 14 Ensigh titled "The Healing Power of Grief" by Steven Eastmond. I know you are a strong person.
Dad!! I want another letter from you! How is work going and how is the house? I know you are probably super busy, but I would be nice to hear from you. Thank you for your continual example you have given me. Sometimes when I am giving service or stuff like that I find myself working harder than other elders.haha I know you helped me to become a thoughtful and hard working man. I love you and know you are a great father.
The Farrs!! So how is it finally being adults and having to work alot?ha I know you two will grow together as you work through trials and have fun together. I love you two! Sorry Olivia I will write as soon as I can!
Gaby!! You went to a Grouplove concert! SO Jealous but not really;) Keep up the good work in school and have fun at Prom! Congrates on everything and your desire to serve a mission. It is literally the best thing I've ever done. Love you Gobby!
Sebastian how is school? Is our room still clean?haha jk I know its probably messy. I do miss you and chico as being my roommates. Thanks for helping me to realize that the little things that my companion does to bug me don't really matter.haha Keep your head up with wrestling! I know you are ten times better than I was so you better keep practicing or I'll pin you when I get back:)
Tell Nellie and Justin Congratulations!!
Tell Kenyon he's the man for deciding to return to the field.
Tell all the other people you mentioned that I say hello and congrats as well.
LOVE You all and I'm sorry but I dont have much more time to write about my investigators. We recently committed one of our others to be baptised and he said yes and looks really solid. His name is Carlos Diaz and he is from peru. THanks familia!!
Elder Mora

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