Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Dear Mom, 
It was really nice to see you too! All of the sister missionaries that see pictures of you ask, " Is that your mom?! She's so young and beautiful!" I tell them yes she is my mom.haha It is good to hear how Dallin is doing. I'm definitely sure that his mission is continuing to bless him. Send me pictures of the wedding! 

Gaby! Congratulations on your graduation! It is a pretty big step in life and for me it was a really good experience. Take lots of pictures, and keep in touch with your friends. Have a great graduation party! I don't even think I had one.ha 

Sebas be careful on your scuba trip to the lake. I hear there are giant catfish that like dragging people down to the bottom of the lake....send me a picture of you in your scuba gear!! When I get back I'm going to get scuba certified too!

I love writing you guys, and I'll give you an update on transfer calls. I will be staying in San Francisco 6 Area. I will be in the same district but in a different area. I will be in SF6C with Elder Rodriguez and he is from Argentina and has been in my district for 3 months already. So I already know him pretty well. ha He just finished training as well, and I'm really excited. 

Its cool to hear that work is going great! That is so cool that you got that job with the head coach of ASU track. What did dad say to him about me?ha That's awesome he thought I did well considering my leg. 
Keep working hard! Who is doing my job now? Chacha? haha 

mom estoy guapo porque usted es mi mama!

Con Amor, 
Elder Mora



Hello everyone, this week was very...I can't describe it. I don't want to write very much, but I do want to share a few small experiences from this week. Of course we had Mother's Day last Sunday and it was kind of weird to see everyone after 5 months.haha I really enjoyed the Skype call and getting to talk with mom. I loved the testimonies that were shared to me from both mom and dad. I should have shared mine in Spanish to you, and I'm sorry I did't. You both looked pretty busy and there was a bad connection. It was super weird being able to understand you two in Spanish.haha I liked talking to abuela also, and I promise by Christmas my Spanish will be awesome. Ok so about this week. I had a very sweet experience with a black lady last Sunday morning. Elder Yellowhorse and I were waiting at a bus stop on the way to church when this sweet little black lady walked up to me. She asked me if I could say a prayer for her. I said of course I can, and I asked her her name and a little bit about herself. She shared with us that she felt like it was to hard to live in this world without God in our lives. She told me how she felt like she was burdened down by her work, and other responsibilities. I offered a humble prayer asking Heavenly Father to help her through this point in her life and to bless her with strength through her trials. She was so happy that we were able to pray with her, and she started crying.ha It was a very strong spiritual moment and I am thankful she had the courage to ask us to share that prayer with her. I also had a similar experience this last Monday. We had gone to our local library to email some information to the mission. I was seated at a computer next to a couple other patrons, when the man siting to the left of me asked me to help him translate a paragraph of a book he was reading. I guess from my name tag he knew I was a Spanish elder. The book he was reading was about the gospels in the new testament ( big surprise), and we first was asking me some weird doctrinal questions that I didn't know how to answer. I told him what I believed was a good answer and we somehow got to the topic of Christ's atonement and how the man felt about God. He started sharing with me his deep shame he had about a drinking problem he had and how he never wanted me to feel the pain he had in his soul. He told me he had been searching through religious book trying to find one that would help him to feel closer to God. He had read the Book of Mormon and believed it to be true. I sat quietly as he continued to pour out his feelings and share with me what I think he had been wanting to tell someone for a long time. He cried as he told me the pain and anger he had towards his mistakes, but that he knew that only Christ was his Savior. He told me to forgive him for his sudden testimony and that he was grateful that I was there to listen. It was a powerful experience I won't soon forget. I learned this week that as missionaries we have been set apart with power and authority. People can see and feel that. I know that these people were comfortable to share the feelings of their hearts with me because of the sacred nature of my calling. I know that if I live worthily to my calling, them I will be able to continue to be a "light" to other people around me. Very humbling week! Well that's it!! Have a great week everyone, love you tons.

Elder Mora



  Wow I can't believe everything that is happening since I have been out barely 4 months! Its really good to hear all that is going good with the family.
Mom I know you know this, but I really am agrateful to have you as my mom. I know things have been tough with nana's passing, but always remember that I love you and I love nana too. I think that you talking with Tia Blanca and Tia Elsa is really good. Just keep smiling too! You know that you will see her again, so don't get down. I recently read a talk that I think would really help you out. It was in the Jan. 14 Ensigh titled "The Healing Power of Grief" by Steven Eastmond. I know you are a strong person.
Dad!! I want another letter from you! How is work going and how is the house? I know you are probably super busy, but I would be nice to hear from you. Thank you for your continual example you have given me. Sometimes when I am giving service or stuff like that I find myself working harder than other elders.haha I know you helped me to become a thoughtful and hard working man. I love you and know you are a great father.
The Farrs!! So how is it finally being adults and having to work alot?ha I know you two will grow together as you work through trials and have fun together. I love you two! Sorry Olivia I will write as soon as I can!
Gaby!! You went to a Grouplove concert! SO Jealous but not really;) Keep up the good work in school and have fun at Prom! Congrates on everything and your desire to serve a mission. It is literally the best thing I've ever done. Love you Gobby!
Sebastian how is school? Is our room still clean?haha jk I know its probably messy. I do miss you and chico as being my roommates. Thanks for helping me to realize that the little things that my companion does to bug me don't really matter.haha Keep your head up with wrestling! I know you are ten times better than I was so you better keep practicing or I'll pin you when I get back:)
Tell Nellie and Justin Congratulations!!
Tell Kenyon he's the man for deciding to return to the field.
Tell all the other people you mentioned that I say hello and congrats as well.
LOVE You all and I'm sorry but I dont have much more time to write about my investigators. We recently committed one of our others to be baptised and he said yes and looks really solid. His name is Carlos Diaz and he is from peru. THanks familia!!
Elder Mora

Monday, May 19, 2014


Feliz Pascua! I wish I was there to play ollitos! Now I know what that means!haha And yes if there is any pictures I would love to see everyone.ha I am so surprised you used my email about the Sister that I met in the city. I don't think I even said anything worth repeating, especially in a sacrament meeting!! Tell Gaby I said thank you for quoting me, and hopefully it sounded alright.ha I am so humbled to hear that the other brothers in the ward want to use it too. 

My transfer was super uneventful! I am still in the same area, with the same companion, but I am so glad we got to stay here this transfer. Not very many elders or sisters were moved in the zone I am in. The baptism of our investigator went really well, and it was so humbling to be able to be one of the elders to teach him. I think he will be a faithful member of the San Francisco 6th Ward and the members are really supportive. 

Thanks for the package and I'll be sure to give some shirts to the other missionaries in my district! There's only four elders and two sisters and we all cover the same ward.ha Gracias por todo que usted ha hecho! 

Love you all! Tell Olivia I will write her back soon! Sorry also I haven't sent a package yet, but it will come eventually!! Its really busy on P-days so sorry. 

Con muchas ganas, 
Elder Mora