Monday, April 14, 2014


march 24th:
We have two new investigators and they are awesome people. The first is named Henry and he is the friend of a member that we found while street contacting. This member had been looking for the church building for months and he was so happy to find us on the street that night, and now we are teaching his friend Henry. The second man is just as awesome. We were walking to an appointment and he stopped and asked us if we spoke spanish. I feel so good saying that I can now, even though its still a little shaky.ja But he just told us that one day he realized that he needed God in his life, and he came to church this last Sunday and I know he had a great experience and felt the Spirit. Nos dijo que el es va a venir el proximo domingo tambien.Yo siento tan agradecido por las bendiciones que yo he visto en nuestro alrededor ahora. I know that the Lord is blessing us for our diligence. Thank you Mom and family for everything you are doing for me! Love you muchisimo!
Elder Mora

march 31st:
I got the last package this week with your shirts and the photos in it. I really appreciate all that you guys are doing for me. I can't explain how many blessings we have been seeing these past few weeks. The investigator I told you about last week ,Henry, has a baptismal date! He is progressing so well and I really can see how the gospel is going to bless his life. We just recently taught him the word of wisdom and he had been drinking coffee his whole life. After the lesson he said," well I guess no more coffee", and he hasn't drank any since. He is a awesome guys and I feel so lucky to be teaching him. Elder Yellowhorse and I are winding down towards the end of our second transfer, and we don't know what's going to happen. He could stay, I could stay, we could both stay or leave, I could train another Spanish Elder, or we could both train in different areas.haha Its exciting yet sad, because I really want to stay in this area. I've really come to like it and I know that we have the best Spanish ward in the mission.ha I might be training because we have a shortage of Spanish-speaking missionaries in the mission right now, and President Meredith said I would be some months until we receive more. I don't feel like I could train another missionary yet, but if it happens, it happens!ha I also wanted to share a small miracle that we saw this Sunday with a man that recently started attending church with us. He was the other man I talked about last week that we found on the street and said that he wanted to come closer to God. Well after that Sunday, we asked him if we wanted to take the missionary lessons, but he said that he was just interested in a place to go to church and that he didn't have any time to see us. Well this past Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting, and there was such a strong spirit in the chapel. We left right after church to take Henry to a baptismal service to see how they are done, and we totally forgot to talk to the other man, Carlos. Well on the way to the baptism, we got a call from our bishop and he explained to us that Carlos went up to him after sacrament and said that he wanted to start taking the missionary lessons!! It was such a testimony to me of how the Spirit softens hearts. I want you all to know that your prayers are being answered and thank you all so much! Gracias y les quiero mucho!
Elder Mora
p.s. can I have the davis's address? tell them sorry i havent written them! thanks for the new shoes! all the other missionaries are jealous of the shirt also!haha love you mom!

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