Thursday, January 9, 2014


My mission address is: 
Elder Lamoni Mora
California Oakland/ San Francisco Mission
4945 Lincoln Way
Oakland, CA
94602 USA

Dear Family, 

I have six more days in the CCM. I think my spanish is still improving but I still have tons to learn. The conjugations of verb tenses is so hard, but I'll just keep guessing.ha I'm glad to hear Sebastian got braces to fix his teeth, and I'm pretty surprised how much work you guys have done on the casita. Tell Gaby to keep up the good work! I'm glad to hear she's surrounding herself with good friends. Its cool to hear Olivia got that job working wth that little girl, that will be a really good experience for when she has her own kids.haha Let Tyler know that I've gotten several offers for his pink paisley tie, but I've refused to trade it. I guess I have some pretty nice ties because I get complememted on them all the time. I want to say thanks to everyone that gave me a tie! I have one experience that really stuck out to me this week. It was a few days ago during an afternoon class and we were practicing how to use one scripture and apply it to an investigators needs. First we watched a mormon message about an old married couple. The husband had Parkinsons's disease and his wife was restricted to a wheelchair and she couldn't talk or feed herself. The video showed the husband cooking and feeding his wife despite his own disability. It was so amazing to me to see the love that that man had for his wife and all that he did for her. After the video we were supposed to teach another missionary in the class and pretend that they were that man in the video, and teach them something about the gosple. As I started teaching, I talked about the love our Heavely Father has for us and the joy he feels when we do what is right. I can't remember everything I said to the Elder I taught, but as I was teaching I knew he could feel the Spirit and so could I. After I was finished, we were supposed to evaluate based on three things: what doctrine was taught, was the spirit felt, and were the investigators needs met. I asked his the first question and he said he couldn't remember. That surprised me a ton because I had literally just finished teaching.ha Then at that moment I just knew that I had taught by the Spirit. I understood that it didn't really matter what I had taught him because the Spirit is the real teacher. I asked him the second question and he said he definitely felt the Spirit. I am so grateful for that teaching exercise that we did this week. I think that lesson was different for me because I really cared for the man in the video and I really truely wanted to help him. I know that when we truely love those we teach, the Spirit can be with us to testify of the truth. I love all of you and I'll keep you in my prayers along with the Speas family. I'm so sorry for their loss. Samuel was a huge example to me and I know we will all see him again. 

With Love, 

Elder Mora

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