Thursday, December 19, 2013

Response to my email :)

To all:

I just want to thank all those who are supporting Elder LJ Mora! It's been such a great comfort to know how mush he is loved. I am grateful for all my non-member family who are so open minded and have supported me & my family. I will try to continue to update and post pictures as he sends them to me. Again we thank you & love you all!

:) Dyna

I´m glad you got my last email. I was hoping Ammon would send it to you. Well thanks for the updates on everyone. Time is going by so fast down here and I´m glad to hear from you Mom. Guess what? I got my first hair cut, and I like it a little. I´m so happy to hear about Dad and all he´s been doing. Tell him I´ll be praying for him especially hard. Let Sebastian know I miss him bugging me and that thanks to him I´ve been able to get along with every Elder in my district. Tell Gaby to keep up the good work in school and ask her to pray about doing track. I know it will really be a good thing for her. Let the Farr´s know I love them too, and to hurry up and finish the casita.ha I´m happy to hear about the changes at work, I think things will start to flow a lot better, and tell Woody thanks for taking my job. And about that package, I might not get it while I´m here because it takes about 3 weeks for packages and if I´m not here when it arrives they don't sent it to my mission. I´ll be praying it gets here on time.ha
Ok now I´ll start answering your questions. I think my most favorite experience so far has either been going to the Mexico City Temple or watching a performance of traditional south american folk dances about Jesus´s birth. The temple here is HUGE and it is so beautiful. I´ll attach some pictures with this email. It was really cool to go through the temple in Spanish and I was surprised how much I could understand. I´ll get two more chances to go to the temple and I´m really looking forward to it. My companion is from West Virginia, but he grew up in Chino, California. He´s serving in Riverside, California which is right next to where he grew up! He´s a really funny guy and we have really become good friends. I ran into Elder Heymeyer yesterday at dinner and I completely forgot he was coming here. He just got here yesterday and seems to be adjusting well. My first few nights I could hardly sleep, but now I pass out every night. I think the President of the CCM, Presidente Pratt, knows some Mora´s and also my branch president, Presidente Ramos. A lot of the teachers here are from Puebla and were surprised to hear I had family down there. They ask me if i know any names of Mora´s down there, but I´m horrible with remembering names. But besides that everything is going well and I think the only thing I forgot was one of my long sleeve shirts, but I´ll just buy one when I get into the field. Thanks for the email and tell everyone I love them!

P.S. Merry Christmas! I´ll be emailing back on Christmas!!

Elder Mora

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