Monday, December 16, 2013


Hey everybody, I'm at the MTC safe and sound. I liked the plane flight as you would expect. The CCM is so nice and the city is huge and the driving is crazy! It´s not as overwhelming as I thought, but it's still very exciting. Sorry it took me a week to reply, but for some reason the first email I sent didn´t go through. Well a lot has happened this week. The first few days were very long, but it was good devoting all day to learning the doctrine and studying Spanish. My Spanish is coming along well, I have a good accent and I´m trying to remember all the Spanish I´ve heard. My companion at the CCM is Elder Taylor and he is a really cool guy and we get a long really well. We started teaching a practice investigator last week, and yesterday the most amazing thing happened during our lesson. We committed him to be baptized! We both knew it was just practice, but it still felt so awesome to teach someone (in Spanish) for almost a week and help them to come unto Christ. This happened yesterday, and I´m still super happy about it.haha Let me back track. The second or third day I arrived at the CCM, I was put into a district along with all the other new missionaries. My district is so much fun! I was also made District Leader, then the old Zone Leaders left, then I was made the new Zone Leader along with Elder Taylor and I´m so happy I get to serve the districts in my zone in this capacity.  The Elders and Hermanas in my district all get along really well and we all work really hard to learn Spanish. I get to welcome some new elders and sister missionaries into my zone today and I can´t wait to meet them. 
         My first Sunday here was so amazing! We had sacrament meeting in Spanish and in our meeting was a district that was just about to leave the CCM, and most of them gave talks in Spanish and it was so cool to see how much Spanish they knew. I´m excited to see how much Spanish I´ll know by the time I´m done here. On Sunday we also watched the Christmas Devotional and the Spirit was so strong in that meeting. Just being in a meeting with all the missionaries at the CCM is so cool to me. This week I feel like my understanding of the Gospel and Spanish is growing faster than I could ever imagine. I just love the total immersion into the Gospel and spending all our time trying to become the best missionaries we can be. I´m so happy to be here and can´t wait to update everyone on all the awesome stuff that will happen to me until next Thursday. Hasta Luego!

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