Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day @ the CCM

Mora Family/ Friends, 

I'm happy to hear Christmas went well at home. I wish I had some tamales out here. They fed us sandwiches and wraps with pastries and other non-Mexican dishes. I still enjoyed it though. I wish I could have been there to see everyone's reaction to Dallin's fiance. Tell Dallin congratulations for me! I'm also glad to hear that talent night went well. I actually read Luke 2 and some other chapters in the Book of Mormon with my District yesterday morning. Christmas here was really cool, but it still didn't feel like Christmas.  I woke up at 6:30 and went to breakfast. Then after we had time to read scriptures as a district. That was really cool to read about the Savior's birth on Christmas. Then we went to the gym and started a service project for children here in Mexico. We put together baby kits for kids that didn't have the means or parents to give them the proper supplies they needed. We put a blanket, diapers, baby booties, soap, a little jacket, and wrapped them up in little bags. The MTC President said that with the amount of supplies that were bought that it should have taken us 6 hours, but we did it in just under 1 hour! It felt so good to give service on Christmas instead of only receiving gifts. Then after our service we had another simple meal and went to the auditorium to hear an area seventy speak to us. He had a very good message but I can't seem  to remember what it was. Well anyways after that we had a devotional that was transmitted live from Provo from Elder Bednar and his wife. It was a really really good devotional and his wife is an amazing person. We got to see two of Sister Bednar's granddaughters and one of her sons. Then Elder Bednar did something really neat. The Church had set up a phone number to text questions to an iPad that he had on the pulpit and also an email address to send to questions also. At the Provo MTC they passed out phones to the missionaries and at other international MTCs we had our questions emailed straight to his iPad. He started receiving questions and answered some really helpful questions. He answered a question that I had been thinking about recently. I was wondering why I feel so inadequate to be a missionary. He explained that if you feel inadequate that its a a good thing and it means that you understand how important your calling is. He also said that the feeling of inadequacy can also be crippling if you let it become so prevalent that it is dysfunctional. I still feel inadequate but he assured all the missionaries that there is not one day that goes by that he himself doesn't feel adequate enough to be an apostle of the Lord. But then he said something very profound. We do not have all the skills and answers to be adequate, we are not perfect or all understanding, but the Lord is and through him we can do all things. I know what he said was true. After that meeting we had a Festival de Coros and all of the districts sang Christmas hymns, Our district was probably the worst, but it was still fun. We then had dinner then more devotionals and singing. We literally sang every Spanish Christmas hymn at least two or three times yesterday, but it was good Spanish practice and I like singing hymns. We watched the Church bible videos on Mary and Joseph and  the birth of Christ. And that was pretty much everything we did yesterday. My Spanish is coming along alright. I can pray in Spanish and get my message across then I teach an investigator but i still need a lot of work. My teachers always turn to me to explain stuff to the class when nobody understands a question because they know I can understand them very well. Sometimes I get so frustrated because I feel like I should be learning a lot faster and understanding more, but I just have to tell myself that its only been three weeks and not to be to hard on myself. I know it will come eventually. I want everyone to know I miss them and to send me some letters! I also didn't get that package yet or the pictures attached to this email. Send me some family pictures so I can show my district my awesome family. Love you all! 

Con amor, 
Elder Mora

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